Entering India on a tourist visa

I want to write a quick post on the Visa for India, so far it has been a pain and maybe to be expected for India. I started my journey from Finland where I originally applied for the online tourist visa that cost me $60 USD (approx. 55 EURO). I am travelling on a British passport at the moment so the cost is a bit more than other countries (example for a Finnish passport around 20 EURO).

My original plan was to go to India for three weeks and then leave the country for about 5 days to go to Oman with a friend. I did not realize that the online tourist visa was only single entry meaning that once you leave the country you would have to apply for another visa or a double entry visa.

I had realized this only a few days before leaving to Kyrgyzstan, whereby, I called the Indian embassy in Helsinki, Finland and they told me the process would take about 2 weeks and I was to send my passport in with the application. That option was obviously a no-go, so the suggestion they gave me was to visit the Indian embassy in Bishkek. Upon visiting the embassy in Bishkek they told me that the double entry visa can be done online (even though the one in Helsinki, Finland told me otherwise) and that the double entry visa was $480 USD (approx. 450 EURO) which is much more significant than the single entry visa.

Therefore, what I will have to do is when I leave to Oman I will need to apply for another single entry visa and hope that it comes in time before I land back in New Delhi. My first tourist visa took about 3-4 business days, so it is going to be close when I try and apply again. My visit to Oman will be over a weekend, therefore, I might have to wait in the airport for 1 or 2 days in hopes that I get the visa. If not, my bags will be on the other side and I will have to fly to another country for about 10 days and come back to Delhi to catch my flight to Australia. Then I will need to get a friend to send my bags to Australia.

Regardless, we will see what happens and I will keep updating this post as things develop. Just arrived in India!



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