Stradbroke Island

One day this week Kaisa and I made a day trip to Stradbroke Island just off the coast of Brisbane. This island has many things to do on it, but also has some nice walks, beautiful beaches, and incredible wildlife.

Getting there:

In the morning we took the train all the way out to Cleveland, which was a long train ride of just over an hour from about the centre of Brisbane. Then we walked almost 2km from the train to the ferry terminal. There are two ferries we could catch, the Gold Cat line and the Stradbroke line, we chose the Stradbroke water taxi. The ferry price was not too bad, about $20 AUD which included the return journey. The ferry ride was quick, only about 30 mins or so and with a nice view out over the ocean. Once you reach the island, make sure to take the bus right away to the northern point of the island. The cost of the bus is $9 which is also a return ticket. Keep in mind to check the bus schedule when you get off as the last one leaves to the ferry at 6:20 p.m., otherwise you will be spending the night on the island.

Things to do:

You can get off the bus in many places but we started first with Cylinder Beach, which was highly recommended from friends earlier that morning. The beach was your classic white sand, clear blue water, with a lot of trees and green in the background. To our surprise there was also a lot of jellyfish in the water but we still made the most of it. Later we went to the George Walk where it starts on a dirty path walking along the length of the coast for a couple of kilometers. On that walk you’re able to walk down to just watch the tide splash against the rocks. The real reason we went there was to see the wildlife, Kaisa had seen Kangaroos before but she was now destined to see a Koala! We did see three kangaroos but failed to see the Koala this time. We were also told that at the right time of year it is also possible to see whales, dolphins, and sting rays off the coast on the George Walk as well. There are also plenty of hikes to do on the island and different walking paths, we will have to come back for these ones!


Spend a couple of days on the island, one short afternoon was not long enough. If you live in Mitchelton where we are staying the trip is about 3 hours one way, so you will need plenty of time! We have also heard there is a hill on the island with a great view and about a 5km hike, on the top, apparently there is an ice cream stand with gelato and vegan ice cream as well, we are saving that one for next time. Also, bring plenty of food, everyone before us warned that food can be quite expensive on the island and there are not that many shops.


Stradbroke 6
Shoreline of the George Walk
Stradbroke 4
Lookout from the George Walk
Stradbroke 3
Two wild Kangaroos
Stradbroke 2
Wild kangaroos

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