Noosa; Festival of Surfing

A week ago we went to see Shaun’s friend in Sunshine Coast. Our intentions were to go surfing there, and we sure tried, but the waves were too messy and we decided to go to spend the rest of the day in Noosa. Noosa is a small town above Sunshine Coast, which was really nice with its own kind of atmosphere. It is only a couple hours drive away from Brisbane, and the way to get there (if you don’t have a car) is to use public transportation such as a train and a bus. Greyhound (a popular bus company among backpackers) can also take you there from Brisbane and you don’t have to switch between buses and trains, which is of course a lot easier when carrying a lot of luggage.

I would say if you have ever been in Byron Bay (which is also a small surfer/hippie town) it was almost like that but a lot fancier. There was a lot of people there because it happened to be the weekend of Surf festival. Everyone was having a good time and the waves were so much better there and we had fun with these little boards called Surfies which were designed by the famous Tom Wagner. The only downside was of course that there were so many people in the water, and this one girl’s board got loose and I wasn’t fast enough to dodge the bullet and I got hit in the face by the board. I looked a bit beaten up with my black eye but no one dared to ask me what happened, they probably thought Shaun beat me because the next morning he left to go to North Korea and I stayed here but no one knew where he was haha.

I apologize for the lack of photos but there were no time for pictures when we were busy surfing!


noosa-2Noosa 1noosa-3

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