Working in Australia


Kaisa and I have been using the following websites to find work here in Australia:

Gumtree: This is probably the most popular website we have used to find jobs, among other things. Jobs are posted there on a daily basis and often times within a few minutes of each other, therefore, if you’re really looking for work make sure you check it often. In order to send a message to the job poster you must first register to the site and stay logged in, just in case you want to reply to a job right away.

Backpacker Job Board: This site is not bad either for finding work, it does have some jobs (not tons like Gumtree) but it caters more towards backpackers. The great thing about this site is that it tells you how many people are viewing the page but also how many people have applied for the position. There are many au pair positions, along with farm work and second year visa positions.

Seek: This site is pretty similar worldwide I believe, we use it in Canada and many other countries. This site focuses more on the full-time jobs or people who already possess certain skills. However, it does have bar jobs, fundraising jobs, and a wide variety so it is worth taking a look also.

LG Assist: This is your basic site for working in local government around Australia. This includes working for communities, councils, shires, etc. I have used this site and it is pretty good for directing you to the council’s websites or the best place to apply. It is simple and straight forward but caters to the jobs that require a degree or some specialized skills.

Ethical Jobs: If you are all about working in non-profit organizations, using your social work skills, or interested in volunteering, this is the site to visit. There are many available positions posted often and the site is simple to navigate. I like it because there are a wide range of jobs that require different specific skills as well as those just generally interested in volunteering and helping out.

TAW: Travellers at Work, this website is the worst one by far. There are not near as many jobs on the website as other sites, nor is it regularly updated. Furthermore, they are now charging to access the website at $29 a month, don’t do it, it is not worth it.

** Tip: Something I have not managed to get used to yet is the Selection Criteria that is required for most professional jobs. These are a number of points that you must address when applying for a job, often requiring you to write a paragraph response to each question and how you have the experience required. It is worth taking the time to make sure you learn how to do this properly.

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