Daisy Hill Koala Centre

One thing you must do in Brisbane, or Australia for that matter is visit the many sanctuaries that are around. Close to our house was the Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary, which was located in a beautiful area about 25 kilometres from the Brisbane city centre. I must admit, I don’t like zoos, and I would never pay to see an animal that I could see in the wildlife for free. These sanctuaries are a little different though, they are free, but more often they are used as a rehabilitation and area of refuge for the animals rather than a money making business. The Koalas that we saw were rescued and are treated with care, either they had Chlamydia, hit by a car, or perhaps abandoned. I also found it cool that there was a little board at the centre that showed a list of calls and responses from the immediate area. People can call the centre if they see a Koala that may be in danger or if there is a problem and there will be someone that responds (like the ambulance) and will report on the issue or see if the koala needs rescue.

In the sanctuary they have a little movie theater where you can learn more, a treehouse lookout where you can see from high up, many childrens activities, and plenty of information on the koalas. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will be able to see the koalas being pretty active and roaming around, otherwise, they will most likely be sleeping. Either way, very cute.

You also may want to make it a day activity and pack a lunch because the area is surrounded by a huge park. We saw many families who spent the day there. They brought snacks and just relaxed in the park as it is in a very quiet area. In the park are outdoor stoves and wood so you can use them to cook food there. There is also a network of roadways that you can run and bike on, but it is a big area so don’t get lost. We were also told that there is a quarry in the park that is full of water and people can go swim in it. Apparently you can see it on Google Maps but extremely hard to find or access, but you can, and it is worth trying!

Lastly, for getting there, we took our bikes, but it is worth looking around at the surrounding suburbs because there are plenty of nice houses and beautiful views from the top of the hill!



Koala 5
The boardwalk to the sanctuary
koala 1
They are pretty cute awake or asleep
Koala 7
View from the tower overlooking the sanctuary

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