Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW II Backpack

Before I departed from Finland I decided that I needed a good day pack, one that would allow me easy access, be lightweight, and durable. After search through hundreds of backpacks across the internet I arrived at a few choices, but that is irrelevant, I decided on the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW II. This backpack is made to be the perfect size so you can hold a water bladder, your camera, and still go for a run with it on your back.

This backpack stood out for many reasons. It was made by a well-known brand, Lowepro makes camera bags for all shapes, sizes, and models and I have seen their products in India, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Australia, etc. Also, the price point was not as crazy as some, just over 100 Euros on Amazon.

After two months with the backpack and four countries later, here is what I can tell you. It is perfect for day trips and not much more, after you put your camera (for example, Sony A7, mirrorless), chargers and an extra lens there is not much room for anything truly significant. However, one quick change I made with the backpack was with the water bladder slot. In this compartment I reached down to the bottom and cut along the fabric and this allowed for the pouch to extend another inch or so. The reason being it is allowed me to fit my 13.5” laptop.

Also, the straps on the bag are incredible. I have a number of bags and hiking backpacks but I have never had straps like these. The top strap across the chest has an elastic part that allows me to breath without it cutting into my chest like many normal straps. Also, with pockets on the lower strap and significant material so you don’t have to worry about them being wide enough. Overall, it is an incredibly comfortable support system.

Access to this back is also fairly easy, but there are many clips and it can be complicated when you need to get something in a hurry. Except your camera, that has one clip and a zipper and your camera is fully supported in this enclosure.

I have used this bag daily for the past four months while travelling to over 6 countries, through airports and harsh environments, and I must say that the bag holds quite well and there are no significant holes or wear and tear.

In conclusion, easily the nicest day backpack I have ever put on, very comfortable and lightweight. However, the size of the bag really limits what you put in. I have managed to make adjustments but I can comfortably fit everything I need. If I was to do it differently, I would have gone with the 300 model.



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