Helsinki Airport, Finland

I have spent many days and nights in Helsinki Airport, this airport remains one of my favorites. The reason being is that it is a very modern, clean, and accessible airport.

Transportation: Getting to and from the airport is easy now with the new train route that was installed a few years back. This trip is fairly quick between downtown Helsinki and the Airport, all while stopping at many suburbs along the way. One of the great tricks that I have found (use at your own risk) is that you usually ride the train and no one will ask for a ticket. I have done it many times and they do not ask like a normal VR train in Finland. They have ticket people going up and down the train but they will never stop to check if you have one or not, they only stop if you tell them that you would like to buy one. If they do happen to ask you for a ticket, simply play the innocent tourist card and say, “yes I will buy one then for 5 Euros.”

Food: When I am travelling on long trips I like to have some extra snacks with me and often times airports can be ridiculously expensive. However, Helsinki Airport is one of the only airports I have been in where they have a full grocery store, called “Alepa”. Not only that, but the prices are very comparable to prices all across Finland. Therefore, if you need good wholesome food and don’t want to pay a lot, then this is your place. Also, if you’re sleeping the night at the airport then don’t worry because Alepa is open 24/7 in Terminal 2

If you are on the inside, I strongly suggest that you visit Johan & Nyström for a coffee. This place is one of the coolest coffee shops in downtown Helsinki with vegan and vegetarian goodies, courses, and a great atmosphere. They also have a coffee shop in the Helsinki Airport and although a little pricier, I can tell you that it is well worth it. Their location is at Gate 13 and they are open from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. most days of the week! Plus they have many place to charge your devices, bonus!

Sleeping: This airport is almost like a luxury in comparison to other airports that I have been in. However, some areas are not so nice. My suggestion, stay away from sleeping in terminal 1 unless you have to. Reason being, it is pretty loud in the mornings due to most people flying out from there. So if you go to the T2 (Terminal 2) side then you’re likely to get a better sleep. Especially on the second floor where the checkin counters are. If you manage to get on the inside or the boarding areas there are far better places to sleep with plenty of outlets to charge your computers, phones, etc.

Also, if you’re on the inside (past security) then you can also pay with a good sleep with the “GoSleep Pods” that were put in at Gate 22. These pods will cost 6 Euros per hour, but might be worth it on a long layover. You can see what I mean on Finavia’s website… here.

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