Where Gold Meets Coast

Kaisa and I have been to the Gold Coast a couple of times now because it is a great place to venture for the weekend or just a day trip from Brisbane, however, you’ll need much more time if you want to do everything. Train and bus are the easiest methods if you do not have your own car of course. If you’re going by public transport or car and leaving on a Saturday morning, stop by the Kuraby Farmers Market (open from 6 a.m. – 12 p.m). I promise you will not be disappointed, fresh fruits, veggies, coffee, and snacks for your trip to the Gold Coast!

Kuraby Market 2
Fresh fruits and veggies from the Kuraby Farmers Market
Kuraby Market1
Hungarian Pizza from The Langos Express at The Kuraby Farmers Market

The Gold Coast is a very popular surf, hiking, and relaxing destination for people of all ages. Here is what we have done so far. First, surfing, you can go to a number of surf spots up and down the coast but there are a number of blogs and websites that tell you the best ones for whichever skill level you are (here and here). We surfed Coolangatta and rented from Cooly Surf which costed us $20 each for four hours.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to relax on the beach, soak up the sun, read a good book, people watch, there are beaches up and down the coast to plunk down for the entire day. A favorite spot of ours to watch the sunset is at snapper rocks, we just sit down among the rocks and listen to the waves role in while watching surfers catch that last wave. Usually we grab some pizza and beers (yes you cannot have them out in public, so try your best to hide them) and just wait with our cameras for the sun to go down.

Gold Coast 5
Sitting at Snapper Rocks waiting for the sun to set

We had also heard about the great markets, food and live music that go on each week. The biggest marketplace is said to be The Night Quarter but it is a little out of the way in Helensvale, especially if you’re going around by public transit. We chose to visit the Miami Marketta, which is a little smaller but still has wonderful drinks, music and food from all over Australia. This is in a little warehouse environment with lots of vendors giving samples, selling different foods (sweet and salty) and bars serving wine, beers and spirits. Bring an empty stomach and most vendors take cash, so bring plenty.

Miami Marketta 2
Everyone eating at the Miami Marketta
Miami Marketta
The type of food you get at the Miami Marketta

There is really so much to do on the Gold Coast that we have still yet to go back and do more, therefore, these are only a few things we suggest you must do!


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