A full day on Mt. Tamborine, Gold Coast

On one of our trips to the Gold Coast we had decided to rent a car for the day from Economy Rental Cars, located near the Gold Coast airport. The costs came in at $29 for 100 km and .25 cents a kilometer thereafter, so we chose to just take 200 km for $39, just to be safe, as we were heading to Mt. Tamborine with an approximate distance of 80 km return.

Tambourine 2
The drive on Mt. Tamborine

The next morning, we woke very early because we wanted to catch sunset, but trying to navigate to Mcdonalds for a morning coffee left us 15 minutes late for sunset. A little disappointed, we decided to hike into Curtis Falls instead. This was a beautiful and short trail through the jungle and if you go there early enough there will likely be no one else around. After gallivanting through those falls we went a few kilometers further to hike around Cedar Creek Falls.

Curtis Falls

The Cedar Creek Falls are about the same distance of 900m and is supposed to be wheelchair accessible, at least to a certain point before the path drops down further to the pools. These rock pools are a great place to sit around, read a book, or jump in if you’re so inclined.

Afterwards, we pulled over near the rotary lookout to do the Witches Falls lookout hike which was 3 km return and had a stunning walk through the jungle. About half way there is a nice lookout over the treetops with a small waterfall. The walk is great because you here all the different sounds from birds and other creatures. Then it was off to rotary lookout, a stunning view that overlooks the valley. If you’re lucky, sometimes the hang-gliders will take off from there and it can be pretty neat to watch.

Tambourine 3
Witches Falls lookout

Some things that we didn’t try but will probably go back to do so will be the guesthouses and the numerous bed and breakfasts that are located all across the mountain, including the wineries, coffee shops, and restaurants. The great thing is that they are all unique and different varieties, British style guesthouses, Polish sausages and even more. Sadly we did not see any Canadian or Finnish things to eat. However, there are plenty more hikes, waterfalls and things to do, I can assure you, but you’ll have to check it out yourself! Therefore, we recommend that if you’re heading to the Gold Coast, spend a few days on Mt. Tamborine!

Tambourine 1
Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like this?

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