Eat as much and you want and never get fat, Myanmar!

Okay probably not, but sort of true. We have been eating like kings here in Myanmar and for good reasons. If you’re a fan of vegetables, rice, noodles, fish, pork, you’re going to have the time of your life. The food comes in wide varieties but it is mainly spicy, flavorful, and just down-right simple. You’ll be surprised how wholesome and filling rice, veggies and egg can be despite its simplicity.

Noodles and veggies in the Chinese Night Market

The food ranges from $1 to $15 CAD per person depending if you’re eating at really dodgy but extremely delicious little shops or proper restaurants in the mall or touristy spots. Also, the restaurants that look dodgy, don’t worry they’re fine, we haven’t been sick yet. I believe the reason being is that all food here is made fresh. I mean expect to wait 10 or 15 mins for the food to be made from scratch, whether you’re eating the street food or fine dining.

The ultimate experience we have had so far has been eating at the Chinese Night Market in Yangon, which is just a long street with many vendors but selling everything you can think of. We were dropped off by taxi and spent a few hours walking up and down tasting all of the different foods. We tried everything in this market, crickets, fish, veggies and noodles, tapioca pudding, smoothies, homemade popsicles, tapioca coconut balls and in total spending about $5 CAD for both of us.

Fish Balls
Fish balls at the market
Fresh orange juice

Travelling further north to Bagan the food remained just as abundant and tasteful, we tried to eat somewhere different every day but there were still some places that we had to return to because we couldn’t resist. Just off one of the main streets in Nyaung-U is the Golden Bagan which has a beautiful rooftop sitting area and run by a very nice family. Another restaurant close by is HTI and they are more of a western kind of restaurant with local foods as well. They also have shisha, happy hour, and good music, what more do you need?

Different kinds of dessert

In being honest, these restaurants listed above are the only ones that had a name in English or one that we could remember. Most times the places with the best food and at the cheapest price were those with a handful of plastic chairs, half broken tables, a few locals and a frying pan. Don’t think twice, just do it!


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