Teapot Mountain


Teapot Mountain is one of the more famous hikes in Prince George, located about 55km north of the city near Summit Lake. This hike is popular for the short amount of time it takes to summit, roughly 30 mins if you’re quick, and the incredible view you get at the top. On the weekends there are usually plenty of cars parked near the trailhead, so pick your times wisely.

The beginning of the trail.

What you see:

This hike is fun for kids because teapots have been strategically placed along the trails, in trees, on rocks, etc. Therefore, spotting and counting the teapots along the way could be a fun game (Hint: there are many). Views at the top overlook the crooked river to the North and well as Teapot Mountain’s brother, Coffeepot Mountain, to the Northwest (Hint: They look the same). In the South direction there are views of summit lake, and on a beautiful summers’ day you’ll be able to see boaters out on the water. There are also some places to sit at the top, so bring some food and take lots of pictures!

Crooked River to the North,

How to get here:

Going North from Prince George, you head towards summit lake, but don’t take the first or second turnoff, there will be a road called Tallus Rd. This will be hard to see as you’re on the highway, but if you look here, you will get a better idea. Then drive about 1km and on your right hand side you will see Caine Creek FSR (Forest Service Road), follow that along until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and the next turn on your right hand side will be the trailhead. There also should be signage once you turn onto Caine FSR directing you the rest of the way.

Teapot hidden on the trail.

Kaisa’s thoughts:

Teapot was a fun little hike with a beautiful view. It can be pretty steep for some people, but it’s not too long so if you want to take your time you still won’t spend a whole day climbing it up. I think everyone from Prince George area should do this hike at least once because it’s close. Don’t expect to see mountainous views but be prepared to be blown away with its own kind of beauty!




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