Fort George Canyon Provincial Park



This trail is 4.8km in length, which starts high up and slowly descends towards the Fort George Canyon Provincial Park. In July the trail is very lush and has some beautiful views of the hills in the distance before heading down into the forest. About half way there is a bench with a nice view looking through the trees where you can stop and have a little break. Once you reach the bottom of the trail you arrive at the Fraser River where there are nice rocks to sit on and enjoy watching the river move on by. The point of the river you will arrive at has some big “islands” right in the middle with some pretty fast moving water, hard to imagine a paddle-wheel boat coming up that way when Prince George was just at the beginning.

A nice, easy trail with the odd tree root.

How to get there:

First you take the road towards West Lake by turning off Highway 16 onto Blackwater Rd., just west of Prince George. The trail head and parking lot is about 9km past the West Lake beach turnoff on West Lake Rd. After the beach will be signs pointing you in the right direction. The last 2km are on dirt road. The road does have plenty of potholes, like most roads in Prince George, but it is completely manageable in a car, just drive around the holes and take it slow.

For a visual, click here.

Fraser River at the end of the trail


The trail has a nice descent for the most part but dramatically drops off in the last few hundred meters down to the river. At some points the trail can get pretty narrow with the bush, especially in the summer months. However, in other parts it opens right up allowing you to see quite a distance over the landscapes. The trail is not rocky at all and is pretty flat. If you’re a trail runner I would recommend this as a good trail to go on for a simple 10km run, the return would be a steady climb though!




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