Hixon Falls


Hixon Falls is a 100 ft. tall waterfall located approximately 45 minutes from Prince George and often visited by people from around the region for a nice little day trip. On a summers day it is a wonderful place to bring the family, dogs, and have a quiet get-a-way by the falls.

What you see:

What you see depends largely on the season you’re visiting in. In the spring there is a lot of run-off and the falls are abundant. The river during this time can be quite high and fast, but can be nice for some pictures. Some people have said this is the time to jump from the top of the falls but I have never seen anyone do it, thank goodness.

By mid to late summer the water has died down a bit, becoming clear, and relaxed. The falls are still there, but now there are some nice cold pools to sit in, making it a fun place to be on a hot summers day. During this time, there are a lot more places to sit, so having a picnic is the best thing to do here.

When the water is lower, you can also hike around to the backside of the waterfall. This is done by going back to the parking lot and following the road on your left up the hill. You can drive up if you have a vehicle with 4-wheel drive, otherwise you have to walk up the hill. Once you get to the top where it flattens out and widens up, right in the middle of that wide part there is a trail on your left hand side. Up top gives you a wonderful view of the waterfall and river down below. If you’re afraid of heights like me, it might be best not to go to the edge, regardless, it is great to take a look down below.

Hixon Falls in July

How to get here:

Heading South of Prince George on Highway 97, you will reach Hixon falls just after an hour. Once you cross the Bridge entering Hixon, Hixon Creek Road will be on your left hand side. There will be a small sign, small being the key word, it is often missed for first-timers. The road will continue past the waste disposal site and continue on a very narrow dirt road. The road is usually pretty good and you can drive down to the parking lot in a little car. Be careful when driving, there are plenty of tight turns and it can be scary when you meet another car on this road, so go slow. Eventually you will come to an opening where you can park your car and walk down along the river where it is only 500m to the falls. This makes it a perfect little hike for those with families.

Note: If you’re using google maps, the dirt road off Hixon Creek Rd. does not show up, but I promise you that it’s there. Just follow the signs!

Looking down Hixon Falls.

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