Fang Mountain, B.C.

Lush meadows, tall waterfalls, and wildlife. Fang Mountain is an adventure, period. If you’re up for the long, steep trek and have plenty of time to spare, this is the one to do! First, you start out by following the river surrounded by lush greenery that mirrors the Ancient Forest. Then you come to a very rocky area with some boulders so big that you could pitch a tent on. Take it slow on the rocks, the best is still to come. The trail heads straight up from there, winding up the mountain slope. At some points you will be on all fours, but that’s just part of the fun!

McGregor Range.

Once you’re past the steepest part and the trail levels out, there will be several caves. The trail leads up past some meadows and lakes where it really starts to open up. If you’re spending the night, which I fully recommend, the highest lake is surrounded by meadows making it the best sleep you’ve had in a long time. Take a break, have something to eat and start exploring!

We highly recommend camping at the top.

There is one cave just up on the hill from the last lake, this one is safe to go into, but it only lasts about 10 ft. and is a hard scramble to get there. The wildlife is spectacular, you’ll hear marmots echoing down the valley, grouse, birds, and if you’re lucky you’ll see the local mountain goat high up on a ledge. If you follow the trail between both ridges, take the ridge one on the left (above the cave) and continue straight towards the much taller mountain on the end, this is Fang Mountain. It gives a spectacular view of the whole McGregor Range.

mountain goat
The local mountain goat, he is often seen at the top.

The drive to Fang Mountain is just as good as the hike. You’ll pass remote cabins, lakes and towns. Along the way there is an old post office in Upper Fraser that is still operational, but only a few years ago that post office received its mail delivery by train, pretty neat if you ask me. Take your time along the way, enjoy the scenery, and spend the night on top of the mountain. There is no rush in Northern BC!

Upper Fraser
The post office.

The map to get there is here, but I would recommend getting a back roads map book to be safe, there’s a good chance you won’t have cell service.


Overlooking the highest lake and the campsite.

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