Coffeepot Mountain, B.C.

Earlier this summer Kaisa and I had made it to Teapot Mountain, a great short hike just north of Prince George. Further north is Teapot Mountain’s brother, Coffeepot Mountain, and no I’m not making the name up. Coffeepot and Teapot look identical, same small mound of rock that looks a top hat. Coffeepot is far more intriguing than Teapot and worth the extra drive. I think the extra drive might hinder people from coming, making it less touristy than Teapot.

Coffee Pot 1
Looking from the top of Coffeepot Mountain

The hike is a little steep, and the trail is narrow, but manageable. Once you’re on top you have approx. 1.7km of hiking to do that leads around the whole mountain. If you go in the summer I imagine it is the place to be, the signs of wildlife are plenty and seems like a suitable place for moose to hangout on the hot summer days. We found moose antlers and plenty of tracks but unfortunately no moose, but they are there… somewhere.

Moose antler

On top of the mountain you have surrounding views of the landscape, cut blocks, roads, and you can see Teapot in the distance. The best parts of Coffeepot are the two lakes on top, this makes the trip worth it. The biggest lake has a cliff on the one side and if you make it on a summer’s nice day you’ll most likely have the place to yourself. Oh, and in case you’re wondering… someone did put a coffeepot on the trail, see if you can go up there an find it.

Aaron found the one coffeepot

Keep your eyes open on the dirt road leading to the mountain, you will find the biggest blueberry patches I have ever seen. It’s too bad we had a horrible year for blueberries, but I can guarantee that they will be there next year!

Lake on the top of Coffeepot Mountain

The road is accessible for any vehicle but a few weeks ago I was told that a beaver dam broke and now is only accessible by truck. Give it a try though, if you need to turn back you need to turn back.



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