After living in Northern Finland for the past few years we have decided to take off and traverse across the world. Our adventures will eventually bring us back to Canada but in the meantime we will be gradually making our way there with a few pit stops in between.

Between the both of us we have already traveled to over 40 countries and would now like to write on our current experiences while reflecting on past travels. We hope that by doing so it will help and inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and explore a life of adventure.

Kaisa is a sporty girl from Lapland, northern Finland who likes soccer, snowboarding, and running. She did an exchange year in Colorado, United Sates, an internship in Bali, Indonesia and still can’t get enough of travelling.

Shaun is a Canadian who is passionate about ice hockey and running. He has worked and studied in Finland for the last four years on and off, but has always found the time to venture around the world.

We both eat a vegetarian diet and Kaisa has celiac, so travelling has become challenging and interesting, but we have never found a lack of food to eat.


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