Canadian Outdoors

Kaisa and I are now back in Canada and enjoying as much of the great outdoors as we can, all while getting back to normal routines and jobs. We are aiming for that balanced lifestyle of normal working life and time spent exploring the area. This is never easy with a 9-5 job because weekends are limited, nevertheless, we will surely make the most of it.

Coming back to Canada has been thrilling. Currently, I have explored more of the world than my own back yard, this has to change. During this time, I aim to give Kaisa the most Canadian and outdoorsy experience I possibly can. We have hit some of the highlight spots like Whistler and Vancouver, but the real experience lies in Northern British Columbia, where boys become men. This page will be about our hiking, camping, biking, fishing, and the best that Canada has to offer.

At the bottom of each section we will add Kaisa’s opinion. For us living in Northern BC it is easy to have some of our favorite places or hikes. As for Kaisa, this is her first time to Canada and first time exploring the area, so it will be fun to add in what she thinks of a certain place or how it compares to other places she has visited in the area.

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